XDesign Car Vacuum Cleaner


  • Powerful Suction Vacuum – Powerful and effective for small car use with strong suction performance. A total of 4500 Pa registered suction power. The high powered 98W motor will pick up nearly anything that has been on top of, underneath, or between your seats. A 14.6 foot cord plugs into your car cigarette lighter and allows you to reach throughout your car.
  • Sleek and Lightweight – Easy to hold! Extremely light and fits gently into the palm of your hand. Worry free with no grip pain! Effortlessly bring your car vacuum in and out of your car. Plus, a sleek black and red exterior gives off a menacing vibe for a vacuum ready to clean.
  • Multi-functional Capabilities – The built in LED Light gives access to dark nooks and crannies underneath and between your car seats. It’s perfect for busy schedules and for those cleaning in the early morning or at night. Simply push a button and the LED Light turns on. Our XDesign supports Dry and Wet applications as well. Picks up dirt or liquid.
  • Steel Filter w/ Detachable Head – Just push a button, and our easily detachable head allows debris to be dumped in the trash. Worry less about dirtying your hands and more about getting a great cleaning. Our HEPA Stainless Steel Filter makes for repeatable and easy cleaning (unlike paper filters), and helps out the environment too!
  • Carrying Case- We also provide a carry on case to take your vacuum on-the-go with your purchase.

The XDesign Corded Car Vacuum is the new and improved way to eliminate dirt, debris, hair, and crumbs from the interior of your car. A powerful motor will pick up nearly anything inside your car and give you an effective cleaning. With various features, (LED Light and HEPA Stainless Steel Filter), and different attachments (brush and extended nozzle), the XDesign Corded Car Vacuum is the ultimate way to keep your car clean and spotless!

Powerful Vacuum
Strong and Powerful suction to eliminate the debris found within your vehicle.

LED Light will illuminate hard to see places and will help you identify where the dirt is hiding.

HEPA Stainless Steel Filter
The HEPA Stainless Steel Filter is reliable and reusable. It can be washed with water and benefits the environment (unlike paper filters).

Included Components: 
Carrying Case
Extension Hose
Brush Tool
Stainless Steel Filter
Crevice Tool
User Manual

– Allow car vacuum to rest after 30 minutes of continuous use
– Clean HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter after each use to preserve the life of the filter




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